Mini School on Philosophy of Mathematics

21.12.2019 3p.m. to 5 p.m. First Lecture    Click here for the Video               Click Here for the Presentation

28.12.2019 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Second Lecture  Click here for the Video         Click Here for the Presentation

4.1.2020 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Third Lecture       Click here for the Video            Click Here for the Presentation

11.01.2020 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Fourth Lecture  Click here for the Video            Click Here for the Presentation

Lecture on the History of Astronomy and Mathematics in Kerala (Malayalam)   Click here for Video

Lecture on Life and Work of Ramanujan

on 22.12.2019 at 10 a.m Life and Work of Ramanunjan ( Malayalam), National Mathematics Week Celebrations, RSC and Planetarium, Kozhikode     Click here for Video

You Tube Channel: Ramachandran P.T.    Link

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Regional Mathematical  Olympiad  2019



Topology I   2014

 2013 Second and Fourth Semester Full


1.Why 0! is taken as 1?

2. What are the positive integers which cannot be written as a sum of two or more consecutive positive integers?

Post Graduate Level


Question 1. Determine all topologies on a set { a,b,c} with 3 elements   Click here for Answer

Question 2. Give an example of a connected topological space which is totally disconnected?

Question3. Prove or disprove: The closure of an open ball in any metric space  is the corresponding closed ball.

Question 4. Prove or disprove: :Let f be a real valued continuous function on the real line. Then the image of any connected set under f is connected

Question 5. Prove or disprove: The intersection of any two dense subsets of a topological space is dense.

Question 6. Prove or disprove: The set of all rational numbers with the subspace topology (from the real line with the usual topology) is locally compact.

Question 7. Prove or disprove: The set of all rational numbers with the subspace topology (from the real line with the usual topology) is totally disconnected.

Question 8. Give an example of a first countable space which is not second countable.

Question 9. Give an example of a countable topological space which is not first countable.

Question 10. Give an example of a connected space which is not locally connected

Question 11. Give an example of a locally connected space which is not connected

Question 12. Prove that the complex plane cannot be made disconnected by deleting a countable number of points.

Question 13. Prove that any open subset of the real line is a countable disjoint union of open intervals.

Question 14.Give an example of a continuous function which is not open

Question 15.Prove that a bijection is open if and only if it is closed.

Question 16. Prove or disprove: A function is open if and only if it is closed

Question 17.Prove or disprove:A quotient map is open and closed

Question 18.Prove or disprove:A quotient map is open or closed.

Question 19. Does there exist an uncountable discrete subspace of the real line? Substantiate your claim?


Question 1. Give an example of an infinite  group in which every element is of finite order?

Question 2. Prove or disprove: A normal subgroup of a normal subgroup is a normal subgroup

Question3. Give an example of a commutative ring with an identity having  a sub ring with a different identity?

Question 4. Given an arbitrary nonempty set G, can you make it a group?

Question 5. Does there exist a field with 4 elements? If the answer is yes, give an example? If the answer is no, prove your claim?


Question 1. Give an example of a real valued discontinuous function on the real line which maps connected sets to connected sets?

Question 2. Which is bigger: e to the power of pi or pi to the power of e?

Question 3. Give an example of an uncountable subset of the real line with measure 0 ?

Question 4. Give an example of a continuous function which is not differentiable?


1. Prove that the cardinality of the real line and the cardinality of the complex plane are equal?

2. Prove that the set of all algebraic numbers is countable.

3. Give an example of two well ordered sets having the same cardinality which are not order isomorphic?

4. How many symmetric relations are there on a set with n elements?

5. Give an example of a function from a set to itself which is one to one but not onto?

5. Give an example of a function from a set to itself which is onto but not one to one?


Kerala School of Mathematics and Related Works


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3 Mahajyanayanaprakara

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8. Chandravakyani


Works of Paramesvara


1. Gokdipika (I), Trivandrum Sanskrit series,

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3. Grahanamandana – in two versions,

4.  Grahanyayadipika,

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Also several works on Astrology like Acharasamgraha, commentaries on Govinda’s Muhurta ratna and  Sripathi’s Jatakapaddhati.


Works of Neelakanta


1. Aryabhateeya Bhashya

2. Tantrasangraha

3. Jyotirmimamsa


Works of Jyeshtadeva


1. Yukthibhasha (Malayalam)


Works of  Trikudaveli Sankara Variyar


1. Kriyakramakari

2. Kriyakalapa




The Department is a constituent of the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences. Presently it is on the top floor of the Physics-Mathematics Building in The Science Block. The new building for the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences is under construction in the Science Block.

Faculty Members

Dr. Preethi  Kuttipulackal (, Mob: 9562475245)  Head

Dr. Raji Pilakkat (, Mob: 9947513828 )

Dr. Anil Kumar V. ( E-mail:,    Mob:9605494831)

Dr. Sini P.  (, Mob: 9744717571 )



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Ph.D. Mathematics

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