My Teachers & Students



Ph.D. Guide:   Prof. T. Thrivikraman

M.Sc.  Teachers:

Prof. K. Kumaran Kutty

Prof. R. Sivaramakrishnan

Prof. V. Krishnakumar

Prof. K. Parthasarathy

Prof. M.S. Balasubramani

B.Sc. Teachers

Prof. M. Thahir

Prof. Ramakrishnan

Prof.M. Gopinath

Prof. Vahid

Prof. Kunheedu

Prof. Mayadevi

Prof. A. Krishna Moorthy

Prof. A.P. P. Namboothiri

Prof. Ramla

Prof. U. Muhammed
Pre- degree Teachers

Prof. T. Balakrishnan Nair

Prof. V.G. K. Nair

Prof. A.P.P.  Namboothiri

Prof. Ramla

High School Teachers

Mr. Hassan

Mr. C.P. Abdurahiman

Mr. E.Saidali

Mr. Abdussalam

Mr.P. Raman Nair

Mr. Haridasan

Mr. V.K. Sankaran Namboothiri


U.P School Teachers

Mr.Krishnan Embranthiri

Mr. R.S. Kurupp

Mr.Parameswaran Nambeesan


Ms.P. Vimala


Mr. O.Chekku
Class 3& 4. Teachers


Mr. Krishnan

Mr. Radhakrishna Pisharody

Mr. T.S.Gopinathan


Calss 2: P. Damodaran Nair

Calss 1:   P. Kamalakshi Amma


Research Scholars  Under My Supervision:

Degree Awarded:

1. Dr. Joymon Joseph P., Government Engineering College, Kozhikode. (Awarded w.e.f. 15.05.2004)

Title: Neighbours in the Lattice of Topologies

2.Dr. Baby Chacko, St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Kozhikode. (Joined on 29.03.2005, Thesis submitted  in September 2008, Awarded w.e.f. 03.03.2009)

Title: Some Lattice Theoretic Problems Related to General and Fuzzy  Topology

3.Dr. Madhavan Namboothiri N.M., Government College, Kasargod.(Joined on 23.03.2009, Submitted in March 2012, Awarded w.e.f.  30.11.2012)

Title: Some Problems Relating Order and Fuzzy Topologies

4.Dr. Kunheenkutty M., Principal, Government College, Kondotty, Malappuram Dt. (Joined on 24.1.2008, Part- Time, Thesis Submitted in January 2013, Awarded w.e.f. 17.03.2014)

Title: Some Problems on Local Properties of the Lattice of Topologies

5. Dr.Sreeja M. ( Joined on 19.04.2010, Synopsis Submitted in August 2013,Thesis Submitted in November 2013, Open Defence on 14.07.2014, Awarded w.e.f  14.07.2014)

Title: Some Problems Related to Homogeneity in Topological Spaces

6. Dr. Santhosh P.K., Dept. of Mathematics, Brennan College, Thalassery, (  U.G.C. F.D.P.), ( Joined on 12.04.2010, Joined on 12.04.2010 as Part Time, Synopsis Submitted on 20.12.2014. Thesis submitted on 5.1.2015. Open Defence and Viva- Voce on 10.12.2015. Awarded w.e.f 10.12.2015 )

Title: Some Problems on c- Spaces

7. Dr. Dhanya P.M.  Asst. Professor, Department of Mathematics, Government Victoria College, Palakkad, C.S.I.R. S.R.F. (Joined on 1-11-2012, Awarded w.e.f 17.8.17 )

Title: Some Problems on Generalized Topologies and Fuzzy Generalized Topologies

8. Dr. Sini P.,  Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Calicut (Joined on 1.11.2012, Joined as FDP on 1-8-15, Submitted on 31.01.2017, Awarded w.e.f. 31.8.17)

Title: Studies on the Group of Homeomorphisms and the Group of L-fuzzy Homeomorphisms

9. Dr. Kavitha T.   U.G.C. S.R.F. (Joined on 26-03-2012)( Full Time) Submitted on 30.8.2017


  1. Ms. Sruthi A.K.  U.G.C. J.R.F. (Full Time) (Joined on 19.8.2016)
  2. Ms. Naheeda Farhath ( Full Time) ( Joined on 03.01.2018)
  3. Ms. Saji N.R. ( Part Time)

M.Phil. Dissertations Guided:

1. Baby ChackoOn the Lattice of Topologies (1989)
2. Sheela C.            Reflective and Coreflective Subcategories in Topology (1990)
3. Mary O.T.            On Rings of Continuous Functions (1990)
4. Rajendran P.S.        Semigroup of Continuous Functions  (1992)
5. Nisha Oommen          Applications of Boolean algebras in Topology
6. Annie Kurien             Digital Topology (2003)
7. Kunheenkutty M.          Local Properties of the Lattice of Topologies (2008)
8. Libeeshkumar K.B.        Group of Automorphisms of Graphs (2009) (Awarded in May,2011)
9. Ms. Sruthi A.K.          c-spaces (2016)
10.Mr. Rashid A.            A Study on Homogeneity and Rigidity in Topological Spaces (2017)
11.Ms. Shifna M.K.

 Nonstandard Analysis and Toplogy

12.Ms. Seira Susan Prasad A Study on Soft Set Relations and Soft Topology